About Us

What started as a man with a dream is now a company fulfilling its purpose.

Treehugger Tree Service crew members hugging a tree
About Us

How treehugger Tree Service came to be

As a young boy, Ryan always loved the outdoors and being adventurous. Later in life, he grew a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

While working at a corporate job, Ryan realized that he wanted more out of life and wanted to fulfill his purpose of giving back to the Earth. He drew inspiration from Patagonia's philosophy of having honesty in your approach, concern for the consequences of your actions, and taking care of people. What started as a hobby became a business. He became ISA certified and started Treehugger Tree Service in 2016. His love for the outdoors allows him the freedom to do all he can to protect and beautify our Earth.

Treehugger Tree Service became a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization started by the founder of Patagonia that inspired Ryan to begin his purpose-driven business. Every year,  1% of its revenue, before taxes and expenses, is donated to environmental non-profits as a tax for using the Earth's resources. Treehugger Tree Service is devoted to inspiring, educating, and giving back to the community.

We Stand By What We Preach

Caring for your trees, the environment & the Communities we serve

Employees paid a living wage with benefits
Environmental non-profits supported through 1% for the planet
Trees planted with One Tree Planted Organization
Of hours and dollars donated to local non-profits
How We Do It Differently

We are not your average Arborist

The environment plays a huge role in what we do at Tree Hugger Tree Service. We are committed to staying true to our mission and have implemented practices that reflect it.

We have a non-idle policy to reduce our equipment engines from running when it’s not in use.
When possible, we use non-motorized pruning to reduce fuel usage and noise pollution in neighborhoods where we work.
Our chainsaws run on bio-based bar oil. The bio-based oil consists of canola & vegetable oil that cost more but are biodegradable in the soil, safe for our employees and customers.
We reuse the byproduct of woodchips for garden mulch.  Logs are turned into mulch, processed for firewood, or given to our partners, Urban Tree Merchants, to be milled into lumber or crafted into furniture, etc.
Ryan Elliott, lead Treehugger, kneeling and smiling next bio-fuel barrels