Barefoot Organics

Our Barefoot Organic program provides organic tree and landscape fertilizer that is safe for your children, pets, and our Earth.

Beautiful and healthy tree with a barrel and organic fertilizer in front front of it
Organic Fertilization Plan

Getting to the root of the problem

We have been called out to look at thousands of sick landscapes, and we want to get to the root of why so many landscapes and trees are sick.

Our soil is degraded and poisoned by the overuse of harsh chemicals, which can strip all that’s good from your natural soils, destroying plants’ ability for nutrients uptake in their roots. Organic material restores the natural balance of your landscape’s soils, which in turn will make our landscape healthier, easier to care for, and less expensive to maintain.

Our Barefoot Organics Program is designed to offer specialized and continual fertilizing care for your trees and landscapes. We replace your harmful chemical fertilizers and herbicides with the best organic product, MicroLife.

Our Process

How it works


Initial Visit

We'll measure the square footage of your landscape, note what plants you have and soil requirements, and determine whether you want fertilization of your trees, lawn, or both.


Application & Treatments

With a program tailored to meet the soil requirements of your plants, we’ll come out 4 times a year to apply organic fertilizer.


Follow-Up Evaluation

After the applications, we’ll evaluate the results of the treatments, check on the progress, and make adjustments as needed.

Tree getting Barefoot Organics treatment
Big healthy tree in a backyard
Benefits of Barefoot Organics

a win-win for you and the environment

Save a lot of water
Cheaper than the chemical alternative
Fewer plant problems and replacements
Increase water conservation
It is safe for your family, pets, and our Earth.
Helps to keep the insect population in balance
Provides billions of beneficial soil microbes that are vital to growing healthy plants and resistant to disease and insects

1,400+ Happy Treehuggers Served

Sometimes you just need a professional...I had some tree issues and planting strategies... I called up Treehugger. Shelly bent over backwards to get Ryan out to my house. He came out and gave me priceless advice and recommendations about my trees and had many more ideas I had not thought of. I seriously cannot say enough good about Ryan and Shelly, down there at Treehugger.

Jason Prickett

We had a huge Ash tree that died during the winter storm. Ryan Elliott from Treehugger evaluated the tree for me with the very sad news it needed to be removed. His 5 man crew worked nonstop...removing this tree. This removal was done safely...The crew cleaned the street and our yard. I could not have been happier with their work or the knowledge they had in their job. Thank you so very much.

Diane Dunn

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